We help healthcare companies harness technologies providing bespoke software development to empower them to stand out from the competition
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Why we partner with healthcare companies

While our healthcare clients are working to improve medicine and the quality of our lives, we develop bespoke solutions for them.

If we can help these companies create a harmony of scientific and technological progress by dint of our solutions, we are even more pleased to take on this task.


How we work


Addiction to information technology security

Clients can always rely on us for security and reliability of the development process, as our coders adhere to the best practices and OWASP security guidelines


Compliance with the industry standards

We pay special attention to internal industry standards such as HL7, FHIR, C-CDA, etc. and make sure our software solutions meet them perfectly


Uphold of data security standards

We sign an NDA upon the client’s request. Also, we guarantee the collection and management of data taking place according to HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA requirements

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What we provide

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We take on the automation of processes, such that companies may increase productivity, save resources, and the health of patients

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Data storage and management

Security-compliant software powered by AI provides the most accurate data management procedures for the client's efficiency

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Virtual labs and Trials management

We create virtual labs that help simulate various procedures, tests without the need to conduct real experiments

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Documents management

The document flow in healthcare should be smooth, consistent, and flawless. For this, we design bespoke solutions and EMR and EHR systems

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We harness technology to create the most precise analytical solutions for accurate and informed data-driven decisions

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Connecting all the required platforms, modules, and systems we build fine-tuned infrastructures convenient for all stakeholders

Why us?

Our recent projects


Ingenetix is a web-based application for internal logistics management and raw materials & product quality control in the BioMed industry.

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