Platform development

We find a custom approach to each project and provide perfectly fine-tuned tailored products. Your idea, is our challenge, to deliver the best solution
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Platform development to your requirements

The better part of most business issues can be resolved with a robust custom-coded platform in our digital age. And this is where we come up to the stage with perfectly fine-tuned data/inventory/warehouse management platforms, CRM solutions, API integrations, or whatever else our clients require.

How we add value

When developing a new platform, we focus on the enhancements that we can provide to our clients. We can manifest them in a variety of ways, but what we love the most, is when our products deliver genuine results and are positively reflected in business performance.
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Process automation

We automate routine processes to make room for essential decision making

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Data protection

Security always comes first, and we guarantee our clients compliance with all-required data security standards

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Capacity increase

The more we automate, the more opportunities you have to incorporate new useful features and functions

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Operations traceability

One platform — one place to reflect all crucial business operations for better transparency, traceability, and responsiveness

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Innovation harnessing

Our engineers always remain at their best and use the latest technologies to provide efficient and innovative solutions for our clients

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What we provide

We customize the products we create as much as possible according to our clients' needs. There’s no one size fits all solution for everyone — having agility at heart, we develop each platform finely tailored down to the smallest requirement


Granular role permissions

Platform users can have different permissions and access levels if our developers do their magic.


Multidatabase composition

Several databases for various purposes provide greater velocity, speed, and stability.



API integration allows apps to easily communicate with third-party services and programs, exchange data with them, and reflect all changes in real-time.


Microservice architecture

Payments, online streaming, mailing, tracking, whatever-doing — we build in all the separate services you need for outstanding performance and timely dev flow.


Hardware integration

Some processes cannot be implemented just with software or hardware, but instead require both, e.g., in IoT or E-gaming. We integrate one into another for precise operation.


Payment integrations

Each project is developed for different countries, which have their billing features. And we have learned to work well with local/global providers, taking into account all the nuances & terms of interaction.

Domain expertise

Our experience in different industries is diverse but not unfocused

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  • Sport services

  • Event management

  • Automotive

  • Biomed

  • ERP

  • Fintech

  • Life sciences

Technologies we trust

These technologies have been battle-tested and never let us down

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