SaaS development

Harnessing our full potential and expertise, we deliver efficient, bespoke SaaS solutions

What we provide


Web development

We design bespoke applications with a robust multi-tenant infrastructure, secure database, responsive API gateway, and everything else needed to build a SaaS application of any complexity.


Cloud hosting

We handle all issues related to cloud hosting of SaaS platforms — from choosing a reliable global or local provider to the platform deployment and support.


Migration to cloud

We undertake all the migration-related challenges to help clients move their applications to the cloud. All with no losses guaranteed.


Stack shifting

We can make your application work on a new efficient level by moving it to a more relevant and convenient technology stack.

How you benefit from SaaS

Leveraging extensive experience, our engineers design robust custom platforms to help your business stand out of the competition due to the numerous advantages of SaaS:
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Scalability by default

Developing and deploying our SaaS platforms, we pay special attention to their workloads resilience and all-embracing scalability that is a must-have for growing businesses to keep up with market trends

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End-user convenience

Auto updates, quick start, accessibility from anywhere — all of these points add great value to your product

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The multi-tenant type architecture ensures smooth and uninterrupted service to all clients. Every new tenant doesn’t require additional software resources, which reduces development cost

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Uptime guarantee

Leveraging the best disaster recovery practices and utilizing versatility in cloud technologies, we ensure 99.9% uptime, resulting in data user integrity and business continuity

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Subscription basis

The SaaS allows you to ramp-up your business by selling access to your product on a subscription basis. This brings the convenience of use to your customers and predictable revenue to you

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How we help your business

Domain expertise

Our experience in different industries is diverse but not unfocused

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  • Sport services

  • Life sciences

  • Automotive

  • Biomed

  • ERP

  • Fintech

  • Event management

Our recent projects

Rival Games

Rival Games is a web and mobile application for the e-game industry that allows players to form leagues and compete as different unities.

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