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Get us as your technical consultants to manage technology-driven challenges and envisage the vision, roadmap, and timelines in line with your business targets.
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Why you need a virtual CTO?

CTO as a service (CaaS) delivers the value of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) while eliminating the cost incurred by hiring a permanent CTO. Referring to a CaaS will also help you to address the technology-related issues faced by your company

But this’s why you really need it


Immediate deployment

Unlike traditional CTO, CaaS can be provided just within hours, not days or months


Risk management

We reduce operational risks and help keep a project on track


Business performance growth

We ensure your business scales with growth and is able to pass technical due diligence



We navigate the technological landscape and incorporate the latest technological advancements

Technological leadership

We leverage our tech expertise to help our clients meet the dynamic growth of their companies and manage technological changes

Software architecture We provide data analysis and suggest the best data architecture and database design

Cloud infrastructure We design cloud infrastructure and handle any scalability and performance challenges

Software development agility We incorporate the best agile practices to the development process and drive cultural changes

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Still wondering whether CaaS is the right option for you?

See if the following statements are true for you:

You have a great idea for your project, but you’re not sure which direction should you go regarding the technical implementation:

Your application has insufficient architecture structure and you can’t take your product to the next level:

You don’t want to hire CTO as a full-time employee but rather need someone flexible on a per-project basis:

You need a professional to help you meet with investors, access your current vendors and define possible technical roadmaps:



Yes - You can still benefit from using CTO service, although it might not be your highest priority right now



This is not a pressing matter for you at the moment, however, you should probably consider looking into CaaS when you get such an opportunity.



It seems like Caas is a perfect match for you! You should get one as soon as possible.



There’s a strong indication that you absolutely need CaaS right now. Do not hesitate and contact our representative right away!

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