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Our mission

Our mission is to help businesses build great applications by providing first-class software developing services. Limestone Digital operates on the principles of partnership, respect, and understanding.

Our clients worldwide

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All our developers have proven expertise with the following technologies:

  • All
  • CI/CD pipeline
  • Codebase and task maintenance
  • Data storage
  • Frontend (client side)
  • Hosting
  • Server side (back end)

Onboarding Process

We set up a call with our Product Delivery Manager and Senior Tech Lead to better understand your current business challenges.
We define a project roadmap and get back to you with some estimates.
We agree on the final scope of work and sign the Statement of Work (SOW) and Service Agreement (SA).
Our development team meets you at your office to discuss some final details.


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About us

Limestone Digital is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic with R&D operations in Eastern Europe. Our company is dedicated to providing a seamless software development experience, so our partners can truly view us as a part of their team.

Our main goal is to bring results to our partners, that’s why we build long-term relationships with our partners. Because your success is our success, we are always happy to help both long-existing and just established companies deliver their ambitious projects!

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Current business domains

Analytics & Big data (CRM, Internal business tools, SAAS applications)
Sports & Fitness
Financial & Payments
Next business domain can be yours


Limestone Digital has developed a fully customizable chatbot for a bank, primarily using React.js. There was used FontAwesome for icons (that can dynamically change their props like color, width, height, spin, etc.) and “styled-components” library to generate unique classes and use CSS in JS.
Main Features:
Create a fully customizable chatbot that a bank could use for its clients.
Technology stack:
SlashForward is a versatile system with dynamic entities that allocate people to different places (hotels, events, tables, etc.) and allows an organization of the event not to be hindered by domain-specific things.
Main Features:
Using this system, you don’t need to create manually different forms, do a markup for them, develop other entities. You can easily set up any kind of event with different fields for a user to fill in without any need for coding. You can use this system to create an interface for booking hotels, tables, events; inviting people with dynamically generated profile fields; doing raffles and lotteries, etc.
Technology stack:
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