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Why this is the option

It’s an efficient way to bring quick value to your project. You can get highly-skilled developers on a per-project basis and smooth out peaks and dips in your company’s journey.

What we provide



Can’t find developers of the required experience or skills on your local market? We’ll find candidates, interview them, and provide the most relevant ones for your review.



No need for taking a risk of delving into the legal systems of a different county or learning its cultural specifics — leave it to us! We take care of any legal, tax, or technical problem.



We take over all organization hassles and provide state-of-art workstations in our R&D facility.



We’ll help you build effective communication with your augmented team and deal with any staffing issues.

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Your increased capacity

You are flexible enough to cut or extend your augmented team whenever you want so you can manage your development overload effectively.

Key advantages

Bridge to hire Whenever you need someone to hire, you can use us to access the local labor market

Cost-effective You save on overhead expenses you would have had by hiring a team yourself

Full-time commitment Your augmented team is fully committed to your projects alone

Skill-based Your team is formed based on the specific skills that you requested

Our team augmentation process

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Provide us the requirements

You tell us about your idea, list all the requirements, and describe how you envision the final result.

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Interview candidates

We interview candidates and won’t rest until we find those who match your request.

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Finalize your team

Together with you, we finalize and approve the members of the project team and invite them on board.

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Let us support your team

We make sure specialists are fully-equipped, control their productivity, and manage the day-to-day routine.

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management overhead!

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Why augment your team with Limestone?

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