Internet of Things

We create IoT web applications that connect the necessary devices, make it easy to manage them, and enable making informed decisions based on comprehensive data

How we proceed with data

Sometimes we feel that despite the digital age we live in, the power of data, and the full potential of the IoT are underestimated. And we especially like to open up all these almost boundless possibilities for our clients of various business fields.
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Data collection

The collection of raw data includes all parameters that can be tracked/received from a specific object

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Data sorting

The collected data is filtered and sorted so that only the necessary data gets into the system for further processing

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Processing & analysis

We extract the most important indicators from the massifs of information, analyze and draw conclusions to facilitate the client's work

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Data storage

All the data is securely stored in such a format, so that client can quickly access it at any time

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Data visualization

We have learned to visualize data in a way that one glance is enough to understand the indicators and make an informed decision

How we add value

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What we do

If we get down to business, we carry it out from the beginning to the very end, in a timely and efficient manner



We use the entirety of our knowledge and experience in BI and AI, so that our clients can feel the full power of real-time data performance


IoT software development

Bespoke IoT software solution starts from the initial idea and serves as a key point in the digital amplification of business


IoT solution enhancement

In the hands of our engineers, any existing or new IoT solution will turn into a comprehensive piece of software art



As a sort of skeleton key that unlocks all doors, our platforms fit perfectly into any business infrastructure

Choiceworthy points

Our recent projects


ColiMinder is an IoT solution for water quality monitoring and reflecting probing results in real-time.

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