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Enhance Your Logistic Performance
Gain advantages through the digitalization of supply chains, automated routing, and warehousing optimization.
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Limestone Digital is your trusted technology partner to support your business growth with cutting-edge logistic solutions
image How we add value
Supply Chain

Incorporate the latest technologies into our tailor-made supply chain management solutions. We believe that for a business to have confidence in the reliability of its supply chain, it must be fully visible, traceable, and manageable. To achieve this, we develop solutions that are customized for each individual client.

You have the flexibility to depart from the standard set of features found in typical supply chain management solutions and create your own. We will then find a way to translate your ideas into functional software.


Enhance your productivity with a well-optimized warehouse management system. We develop high-quality solutions, enhance them with the power of IoT, and witness how our clients' businesses benefit from our designs. Warehouse management systems improve staff performance, enhance business efficiencies, and strengthen the competitive advantage


Take advantage of fully traceable transportation to enhance your business. Simple and reliable transportation management and route optimization solutions alleviate the burden on staff, speeding up decision-making by automating processes. We employ proven technologies that enable the development of custom solutions for critical analytical decisions. With a substantial amount of essential data, the system can adjust the route during the delivery process or designate cargo exchange points in the event of a vehicle breakdown

Custom solulion to support your business growth
We turn tech ideas into reality

Starting with your concept, we plan, research, and develop to create user-friendly, cutting-edge solutions.

From prototype to launch, we handle it all, ensuring your tech shines in the market.

How it works
1. Consulting

We help clients to determine the model of cooperation based on their requirements

2. Team hiring

Sufficient experience in the recruiting of tech team for logistics solutions make clients remein confident on the results.

3. Managing team

Our experienced PMs follow the Agile and Scrum principles to ensure a smooth and remain confident on the transparent project delivery

4. Solution delivery

We develop fine-tuned bespoke solutions that perfectly meet all needs, requirements, and expectations

image 13 People
image 54 Months
Managed delivery
A2B Direct
A2B Direct is a logistic B2B marketplace that connects cargo owners (customers) and freight forwarders (carriers). It’s often labeled as “Uber” for cargo transportations on the web.
image 5 People
image 45 Months
Managed delivery
OneRail is a leading omnichannel fulfillment solution pairing best-in-class software with logistics as a service to provide Amazon-level dependability and speed.
Our clients says
Brad Basmajian
Chief Operating Officer, Toco Warranty
They have just been phenomenal in not only accomplishing what we’ve set them up to accomplish but suggesting better courses for us to take that we might not even thought of on our own and that has been invaluable for us.
Mayer Dallal
Managing Director, MBANC
They were always responsive and on top of things, and their deliverables never had bugs thanks to their QA testing. If anything did go down, it was immediately fixed. They’re honorable, good people. 95% of deliverables were hit on time, which is rare for software development, and if they weren’t they communicated upfront.
Kovi Kessler
Founder, Winnerosity LLC
They have both a great response and response time. They’re very open to feedback too. They work hard to anticipate possible scenarios, which I appreciate.
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