We digitize supply chains, automate routing, optimize warehousing via the skillful hands of our experienced developers

We create our solutions

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The work of logistics companies doesn’t pause when we sleep, therefore the software we develop works flawlessly so that clients don’t have to worry about their business

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We reliably protect the data of thousands of users, suppliers, and resellers via all kinds of encryption protocols, access levels, and privacy policies

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Complex things made simple. We create our products to be intuitive such that any user can understand complex logistics operations

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Our programmers give priority to the principles of logic and accuracy while developing complex logistics solutions

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The versatility of the logistics may always require the connection of new modules or integration with other systems, so we always save some room for such opportunities

Benefits you get

Developing solutions for our clients, we give them much more than top-notch software. We assemble a team that tames the most complex technologies, programming languages, frameworks, and modules in order to make them perform the way the customer needs. This is how we provide tailored instruments as a part of digitalization that help to:

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  • Reduce operational costs

  • Give a boost to efficiency & productivity

  • Save resources

  • Increase income

  • Boost performance

  • Go green and socially responsible

Keep up with top trends
that changing logistics!

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How we add value

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Our recent projects

A2B Direct

A2B Direct is a logistic B2B marketplace that connects cargo owners and freight forwarders (carriers). It’s often labeled as “Uber” for cargo transportations on the web.

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