Discovery phase

Structure your ideas

Why businesses need a discovery phase


Identify the project’s scope

During the discovery phase, we identify business stakeholders or clients' expectations, and end-users’ needs. It helps to identify product concepts and project scope as well to understand long-term business goals.


Make decisions based on data, not assumptions

The discovery phase includes a large research element. It is necessary to learn analytical, qualitative or quantitative data about users and more. It drives design basics and makes them proven while allowing to create a user oriented experience.


Avoid the need for making costly changes

The discovery phase ensures that project components, product design and complex processes are clearly defined and measurable. Utilizing a meticulous discovery process allows your business to avoid unforeseen roadblocks.


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Business Goals Definition

This action helps to define the end result of your business solution or, the problem that needs to be solved.

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Definition of Done Clarification

By understanding and implementing measures to define success, we will determine if your product performs as needed.

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User Journey Mapping

It helps improve and optimize customer experience and understand the problem you are trying to solve.

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Technical Analysis

With your input in setting tech standards and requirements, we will determine whether the business logic is technically feasible.

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Deliverables Finalization

A professional presentation will be completed, detailing any additional steps needed to achieve your desired results.

Who is involved

Icon Client Client
Icon Delivery manager Delivery manager
Icon Solution architect Solution architect
Icon Business analyst Business analyst

What you gain

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  • Prototype

  • Time & Cost Estimation, Team composition

  • Product Requirement Document (PRD)

  • Architecture Documentation

  • Roadmap

What is the next step?

To move on to the development stage, we conclude a project agreement and start the staffing process.

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