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Case Study

Tournament Web App for Rival Games

Rival Games is a web and mobile application for the e-game industry that allows players to form leagues and compete as different unities (e.g., university teams and etc.)

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Project overview

Project Duration:
May 2019 - December 2019
Technology Stack
React, Node.js

Limestone Digital was hired to design a platform that gives an opportunity to the Xbox and PlayStation players all over the globe to get connected in one place to settle mass tournaments in favorite games. So that they could assemble teams and organize their own championships.



The challenge here was to develop such a top-notch application so that it could attract not only individual players but large athletic organizations and sports leagues. Our client’s vision was that Rival Games would become a platform for conducting championships and a place for an interplay of teams and their fans.



We assembled a team of specialists that turned the client’s idea into a clear concept. From there, they made a prototype and developed a final web application. This app serves as a venue for players and teams that can conduct group tournaments or compete in 1-v-1 games, improve skills, and earn coins that they can change for gifts.



Ready-for-high-load architecture for smooth performance

The application has an intuitive front-end but it’s also supported by a complex server part that is designed as reliable as possible to maximize uptime. The back-end ensures the continuous functioning of all connected services despite a large simultaneous flow of players on the platform.

Platforms features
This module provides players with an overview of their personal account information: short bio, earned coins, achievements, and awards.
Selection of competitors
This module is a kind of randomizer for choosing competitors in 1-v-1 games or teammates in group tournaments. It defines who is willing to play a game and finds a match in real-time.
Rating board
This is a board where players are ranked by their scores. Some additional filters can also be applied to display, for instance, only the rating table of a particular game or specific timeframe.
This will notify when a competitor is found or the tournament has reached the required number of participants.
The tournament page is the essential part of the entire application that contains:
An integrated service allows to stream games that are currently live. Afterward, the streams are available for an overview. This creates an opportunity to learn about the players, their style, and tactics. The list of matches – players may find here the list of opened (with vacant spots), current (that are ongoing and available for view), ended (where players can see the results) games; Tournament overviews – here is the full information of the previous games, players, round & total scores, prizes for each game.
As a result of intensive 8-month development, our client received the full-scale custom-coded application for web and mobile, attractive for large athletic organizations and sports leagues, that is ready for the official release.
What Rival Games Say about Us
Limestone Digital’s work saves our company a lot of time and allows us to roll out features much faster. We are always able to trust the quality and timing of their components, which frees us up to focus more intently on the parts of our projects assigned to our US teams and increases the quality of all of our work.
President, Rival Games
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