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Tech Lead Java Developer (with business trips to Saudi Arabia)

VACANCY CODE: 60933. Tell this code to our recruiter.

Limestone Digital is looking for a Tech Lead Java Developer (5+ years of experience).

Required skills

  • Proficient in Java, 5+ years experience;
  • Strong understanding of frontend architecture focusing in React;
  • Strong knowledge of containerization (both with Docker and Kubernetes);
  • Knowledge of DevOps practices, including CI/CD pipelines;
  • Strong knowledge of version control systems, particularly Git;
  • Proficient understanding of various application communication protocols beyond REST, such as GraphQL, gRPC;
  • Strong knowledge of Elastic search;
  • Deep understanding of caching strategies and mechanisms (e.g., Redis, Memcached);
  • Upper-intermediate English + level.

Nice to have

  • Experience with Openshift;
  • Experience with Liferay;
  • Understanding about Drupal.

Soft skills:

  • Communication Skills:
    • Ability to communicate effectively with team members, stakeholders, and clients;
    • Clearly articulate technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders;
    • Act as a bridge between the development team and other departments or clients;
  • Leadership Skills:
    • Lead by example in terms of coding standards, best practices, and work ethic;
  • Problem-Solving Abilities:
    • Analyze complex technical problems and propose innovative solutions;
  • Team Collaboration:
    • Encourage knowledge sharing and cross-training among team members;
  • Time Management and Prioritization:
    • Prioritize tasks based on project requirements and deadlines;
    • Adapt to changing priorities and manage time effectively to meet project goals.


  • Provide technical leadership and guidance to the development team;
  • Design, develop, and implement Java-based solutions that meet project requirements;
  • Architect and design scalable, reliable, and efficient Java applications;
  • Conduct code reviews and ensure adherence to coding standards and best practices;
  • Define project scope, objectives, and deliverables in collaboration with stakeholders;
  • Monitor project progress, identify risks, and implement mitigation strategies;
  • Manage client expectations and ensure client satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle;
  • Maintain accurate project documentation including technical specifications, design documents, and user manuals;
  • Proactively address issues and challenges to minimize project disruptions.

We Offer

  • We invite you to join our friendly international team;
  • Comfortable work schedule;
  • Zero bureaucracy;
  • Pleasant working atmosphere;
  • Interesting projects and challenging tasks;
  • Opportunities for self-realization, professional and stable career growth;
  • The optional partly compensation for learning English language.

About the project

Discovery and development of POC for a new CMS interaction architecture with the platform. There is a web platform with dozens of services, the main project goal is to develop a system where services will interact with various CMSs through a Middle layer API, which will provide independence from specific CMS technology and enable easy transition to others without significant effort.  

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    Work in a super friendly, truly open-minded team with a family-like vibe.


    Competitive salary, paid vacation and social benefits.


    The optional partly compensation for learning English language.