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DevOps Engineer

VACANCY CODE: 60545. Tell this code to our recruiter.

Limestone Digital is looking for a DevOps Engineer to expand our team.

Required Skills

  • Proficiency with GitLab: Demonstrated experience in utilizing GitLab for both version control and CI/CD pipelines. Ability to manage repositories and branches, merge requests, and configure CI/CD pipelines for automated builds, testing, and deployments;
  • Strong Docker Skills: Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with Docker, including creating Docker files, building Docker images, and managing containers. Proficiency in Docker Compose for orchestrating multi-container Docker applications. Ability to troubleshoot Docker-related issues efficiently;
  • CI/CD Pipeline Management: Experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining CI/CD pipelines using GitLab CI/CD. Skills in configuring pipelines for automated testing, code quality checks, and deployment to various environments;
  • Troubleshooting Skills: Proven ability to troubleshoot issues related to Docker containers, CI/CD pipelines, and infrastructure. Capable of diagnosing problems, analyzing logs, and implementing effective solutions;
  • Log Management: Familiarity with log management tools and techniques. Ability to efficiently read and analyze logs generated by Docker containers, applications, and infrastructure components. Experience in forwarding logs to centralized logging systems and extracting insights;
  • Database Knowledge: Proficiency in PostgreSQL (PSQL) database administration and management. Understanding database concepts, SQL querying, performance optimization, and data replication. Ability to manage database schemas, backups, and migrations;
  • Nginx Reverse Proxy: Knowledge of configuring and managing Nginx as a reverse proxy server. Understanding proxying HTTP and HTTPS traffic, load balancing, and SSL/TLS termination. Experience in optimizing Nginx configurations for performance and security;
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform: Experience using Terraform for infrastructure provisioning and management. Ability to define infrastructure as code, manage Terraform configurations, and automate infrastructure deployments across cloud providers;
  • Nice to have: experience with Azure and AWS.

We Offer

  • We invite you to join our friendly international team;
  • Comfortable work schedule;
  • Zero bureaucracy;
  • Pleasant working atmosphere;
  • Interesting projects and challenging tasks;
  • Opportunities for self-realization, professional and stable career growth;
  • The optional partly compensation for learning English language.

About the Project

Our client is a digital HR platform/employment service that connects 800,000 companies and 9 million workers in the Middle East region. The project positions itself as a marketplace of workers within the country that allows domestic companies to search for workers’ profiles of a specific skill set for proposing job opportunities. This includes but is not limited to, work permission procedures, visa prolongation, contract signing, and CV storage.

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    Work in a super friendly, truly open minded team with a family-like vibe.


    Competitive salary, paid vacation and social benefits.


    The optional partly compensation for learning English language.