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Database Administrator

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Limestone Digital is looking for Database Administrator (5+ year experience) to expand our team.

Required skills

  • 5+ years working on database administration;
  • 3+ years on Postgres administration;
  • 3+ experience with cloud-based databases;
  • Experience with code maintenance;
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in computer science or related;
  • Excellent listening, verbal and written and presentation communication skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment by learning quickly, applying new knowledge effectively, and still maintain a disciplined approach to software development;
  • Ability to work both independently and with a team, and with remote development teams (international);
  • Passion for quality and continuous improvement;
  • Upper-Intermediate English level (written and spoken, you’ll communicate directly with the client).

As a plus

  • Experience with data warehousing;
  • Experience with scripting languages like ruby;
  • Good multitasking and communication skills;
  • Not complacent with the status quo;
  • Passionate about innovation and discovery.


  • Analyze data access patterns and ensure efficient SQL and optimal database design;
  • Detect slow queries and optimize SQL queries;
  • Setup and tune Autovacuum constraints;
  • Analyze, setup, maintain and improve indexes;
  • Write and maintain automated db maintenance scripts;
  • Monitor Postgres performance, setup metrics, thresholds, and alarms to detect issues in DBS;
  • Maintain proper backup and recovery strategies;
  • Follow and recommend Postgres 3rd party tools and plugins;
  • Monitor and plan for increasing load/capacity, prepare and plan additional resources;
  • Assist development team to take full advantage of Postgres features;
  • Maintain performance for DBs in both OLTP and OLAP use-cases;
  • Help support move of OLTP data to a ’data warehouse’ or ’data lake’ type of environment;
  • Triage, debug and diagnose production and development database issues;
  • Support product deployment, configuration, and testing;
  • Communicate pro-actively and listen carefully;
  • Work independently;
  • Commit to negotiated schedule.

We Offer

  • We invite you to join our friendly international team and work in a comfortable office not far from the metro or remote work;
  • Comfortable work schedule;
  • Zero bureaucracy;
  • Pleasant working atmosphere;
  • Interesting projects and challenging tasks;
  • Opportunities for self-realization, professional and stable career growth.

About the project

Our client is an international transport company with the key project of an enterprise platform for real-time visibility of transportation, yard operations and inventory orchestration throughout the supply chain using advanced cloud-software capabilities, IoT solutions, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Limestone Digital assists in the development and further support of the yard management automation project.

Project technology stack

C++, Ruby, PostgreSQL

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    Work in a super friendly, truly open minded team with a family-like vibe.


    Competitive salary, paid vacation and social benefits.


    Free English lessons with excellent native speakers.


    Active office life with ski trips, movie nights and pancake breakfasts.