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C# Developer

VACANCY CODE: 50966. Tell this code to our recruiter.

Limestone Digital is looking for a strong C# Developer to expand our team.

Required skills

  •  4+ years of programming experience, including OOP (Object Oriented Programming), and n-tier development experience;
  • ASP.NET Core(.Net 7/8);
  • EF Core (SQL Server, SQLite, MariaDB)
  • Redis;
  • Docker, docker-compose;
  • Linux environment basics;
  • Strong refactoring skills (will be required to work under some legacy code from very old solution and migrate inside the Project);
  • At least intermediate level of Pure Computer Science (data structures, algorithms);
  • Good knowledge of Design Patterns;
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving abilities;
  •  Strong oral and written communications skills: Upper-Intermediate + spoken English (you’ll communicate directly with the client).

As a plus

  • Openidict;
  • RaspberryPi;
  • DevOps responsibilities basics: Azure cloud services (CI Pipelines, Artifacts, etc.);
  • WPF.


  • Support of already existing code & features, including bugfixig;
  • Implementing new features according to the requirements from the customer (including help to the customer in clarifying requirements);
  • DevOps project support (CI Pipelines, configuration of RaspberryPi-s);
  • Working from time to time under legacy code of previous solution (in some cases the legacy code is a requirements source);
  • Creating/updating architecture for application/services;
  • Writing efficient and readable code in C#, PowerShell, bash-scripting;
  • Learn new things and solve technical challenges;
  • Manage own professional development and contribute to functional knowledge building.

We Offer

  • We invite you to join our friendly international team;
  •  Comfortable work schedule;
  •  Zero bureaucracy;
  •  Pleasant working atmosphere;
  •  Interesting projects and challenging tasks;
  •  Opportunities for self-realization, professional and stable career growth;
  • The optional partly compensation for learning the English language.

About the project

  • Our client creates control systems for a global leader in industrial refrigeration, designing manufacturers, building, and servicing equipment and control in all industrial refrigeration needs and other companies;
  • The project is Web part of SCADA-system: the system for controlling and monitoring the engineering processes on the plant or in the case of our customer on the big refrigeration buildings (like storage ware-houses for example of the meat, chicken, etc.);
  • The main goal of our customer is to create modern IoT-like Web-based solution comparing to the existing legacy solution which is Desktop-application written in C#/WPF.

Project technology stack

  • .NET 7/8 , C#, ASP.NET Core, EF Core, Windows, Linux, ARM64, RaspberryPi 4/5, Azure DevOps, Redis, SQLite, SQLServer, MariaDB, Docker, docker-compose, gRPC, Openiddict for AuthServer, REST, HTTPS

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