Boost productivity by 40% with these technologies

Did you know logistic companies that made their supply chain traceable in real-time increased efficiency by 20%? This is only a grain of goodies our report suggests. It reveals tech trends, the nature of their occurrence, and statistical justification.
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This report will reveal:


Prime causes

Before talking about trends you need to get to their root cause. Like the development of 3PLs, 72% users of which reduce logistics costs.


Considerable trends

All the trends observed in logistics can't fit into one report. Therefore, we‘ve chosen the most delicious, e.g., digital twins, augmented intelligence, and more.


Clear outputs

Logistics is becoming smarter; IoT has found a second wind; transparency set the new rules of the game and many more to easily imagine the face of future logistics.

After reading this report, you will:


Find out how the most notable trends like augmented AI, IoT, or warehouse automation technologies are fundamentally changing the processes of the industry for the upcoming years. And how they have already helped companies to increase labor productivity by 6.2 billion hours.


Get the statistical proof that trendy technologies are going to only expand their influence over logistics in the next few years. Pay special attention to those indicators that you want to improve in your business.


Sneak peek into the future. Thanks to this report, you can roughly estimate how the company’s productivity and efficiency will change if, for example, you add elements of artificial intelligence to your analytics.

Logistics becomes smarter.
Keep up with the trends!

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Report reviews

“This report is just what we needed. A good overview of market trends, which inspires me for fresh ideas of solutions for our company.”

Chris Dorsey


“I've been looking for a similar report for some time now. Thank you for the interesting extract from the unshaped mass of information that is thrown about the Internet. After reading, I realized where our company should move and what we are missing.”

Kelley Hubbard

Managing director

“A very good report. Despite the fact there is a lot of information, all of it is useful and interesting. And I really liked it, since we are now working on the project, so it was informative to look at it from a new angle — from the trendy point of view.”

Wendy Haig

Lead project manager

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