Learn how to cut your expenses and save up to 70% of your budget!

This detailed report reveals the genuine economic feasibility of remote teams during the pandemic. It contains the latest software development trends and a detailed overview of in-house and remote development costs in the EU, US, and Eastern Europe.
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Why you need the report


Hidden expenses

Do you know how many little things companies don’t think about when they have to hire new employees? Therefore, in our report, we breakdown the costs to the last little detail — from the employee's salary to a table lamp.


Differences throughout countries

This report contains not only a detailed breakdown of the overall price of the remote vs. in-house team into the separate components but also their comparison throughout different countries of the world — the US, EU, and Ukraine.


Future benchmark

If this year you are going to hire a remote team and outsource the software development, then this report can serve as a benchmark for the average market price so that you don't overpay.

After reading this report, you will:

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Find out how much members of the dev team cost

We did our best to provide you with the latest relevant data.
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Discover in-depth total-cost insights

We made the cost breakdown so detailed, you can see how many little things are not taken into account, but how expensive they really are.
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Get the real-scenario estimation

We used our recent case to show you what the most common team composition would cost you.

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Report reviews

“Thank you for the report. This information is truly an added value while deciding on whom to partner with. Sure, it can be beneficial for lots of companies. Not everyone is willing to share such useful insights.”

Adrian Boxler

IT consultant

“Thank you for making such a meaningful report. Everything is clear, with no unnecessary information – only the most important. You so deftly pointed out how companies may never really think about some little things that can also be so essential.”

Lenard Dean

Head of Engineering

“I never realized how huge the gap is between salaries in Ukraine and the USA. No wonder offshoring is so high in demand. Your report is really worth reading. Looking forward to the next one.”

Emma Calhoun

Managing Director

“Your report is exactly what I was looking for. As a business that focuses on Strategic Business Management and outsourcing aspects it helped me to validate that my concept will not only work in my local economy but abroad as well.”

Brendan Joubert

Managing Director, Oberon Strategic Solutions

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