How to speed up my software development

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When at the most inopportune moment you are faced with a lack of software developers, quickly closing out positions becomes a daunting task. After several attempts to do this by yourself, you decide to try outsourcing. Or another situation where you are already working with an outsourcing company, and because of a lack of good developers you are endlessly waiting to close dev positions.

Both situations slow down the development process like molasses in January(In Canada, not Australia) and affect your product time to market. Have you found yourself into this situation? 

Outsourcing market growth really fast and choosing a company to help you speed up your development is not that hard.  How to be confident in doing so helps to solve your problems.

In this article, we’ll share advice on what to do, and what to pay attention to, while working on a solution.

What to do?

  • Put in order specifications, functionality documents, and other documents that are necessary to define your project or application. This will allow you to clarify your criteria for the existence of future partners and economize time during the discussion process.
  • Describe in detail what are the goals of the project and determine the scope of it. If your project is already ongoing, define the current state of it. Describe the existing system components and the technologies used to create them. It helps you prioritize your needs.
  • Clarify your expectations, it can be not only technology-related. It can includе parameters like price rate, country, time zone, language proficiency, etc.
  • Sign a contract with outsourcing companies or even more… Sound strange? This is the way ...

Why is it a problem to work with one software development vendor?

Is there a developer shortage? Yes, but wait. The problem is more complicated than it looks

According to U.S. Labor statistics, as of December 2020, the global talent shortage amounted to 40 million skilled workers worldwide. By 2030, the global talent shortage is expected to reach 85.2 million. Сompanies worldwide risk losing $8.4 trillion in revenue because of the lack of skilled talent.


Solving this shortage is not so easy.  In order to solve this, employers need to stretch their search radius and change their hiring practices.

The global Covid-19 pandemic taught us that most companies can successfully operate a remote team. This means the location or educational parameters most organizations were working against before are practically non-existent now.

So you have three rock-solid reasons why you need two, or even more, software development vendors to speed up your development

  • Several vendors will provide more candidates for you; it’s equal hiring teams will search for proper candidates for you. You will have the possibility to close position faster because the pool of candidates will be wider  
  • Larger software development vendors are forced to set higher prices to cover operational needs than smaller companies. So, because of several vendors, you could choose the optimal cost  
  • Finding a powerful recruiting team is the same problem as finding developers. So having yo contract with one vendor means you are limited by its recruitment team


In order to run faster than the market, you should think as a smart sprinter. it’s necessary to analyze key business processes and always be looking for the possibility to make them better and faster.