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What improvements can it bring

Well-thought-out software project planning and implementation means:


times faster feature delivery


development and testing cost reduction


fewer software defects

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Those projects that have effective pre-planning typically see a better ROI. Get your free non-obligatory advice on the overall execution and management of your project.
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Avoid time overruns and going over budget by making better decisions of strategy, processes, practices, technologies, and tools.

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No doubt our expert will be useful to you, as he has wealth of experience and expertise

  • Core domain experience embraces Logistics, Healthcare, E-commerce, FinTech and others
  • Diverse background of working with startups, SMBs, and enterprises
  • Worked with outstanding brands such as Škoda Auto, Fincite, Vienna Water Monitoring, Toco Warranty

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    Limestone Digital is proud to have


    Successful projects

    Our track record totals more than 60 successful projects in fintech, logistics, gaming, healthcare, and other industries


    Satisfied clients

    About 97% of our clients, according to our survey, are delighted with the proficiency of our cooperation and quality of solutions we provide. Many of them happily share their great feedback about us


    Returning clients

    Signing a contract with a client, we draw up a strategic partnership. The level of services that we provide, the quality of cooperation, and trusting relationships make it so that 90% of our clients return to us for the next project

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    What our clients say about us:

    “Overall experience of working with Limestone was really great: the thing that I like the most is that they are always thinking one step ahead. And I can tell that results are delivered very fast!”

    Florian Untersteller

    Grid Owner Solutions, GOIO Data

    “They have just been phenomenal in not only accomplishing what we’ve set them up to accomplish but suggesting better courses for us to take that we might not even thought of on our own and that has been invaluable for us.”


    Chief Operating Officer, Toco Warranty

    “They are enthusiastic and focused on adhering to coding best practices. Mark has a hands-on approach to ensure his staff is contributing to client expectations, and open to hearing about possible improvements.”


    Development Manager, Chase Software

    “The project was completed in an almost impossible deadline, helping the client to successfully complete the contract. Limestone Digital was flexible and communicative throughout the process, staying on top of all milestones and objectives.”


    Scrum master, Gamo

    “The people are very open and friendly. They have built a quality app. The team is organized and communicative about challenges that may affect the schedule.”

    Vlastimil Dolejš

    CTO, Diribet

    “They have both a great response and response time. Limestone Digital’s work has been met with positive reception. The team is communicative, collaborative, and thorough. Customers can expect a seamless process with seasoned professionals.”

    Kovi Kessler

    Founder, Winnerosity LLC

    “Limestone’s technical competence and enthusiasm contributed to positive results. They were quick to respond and solved any issues that arose.”

    Radek Masnica

    Managing Director, ST Software

    “The projects managed and products delivered by Limestone Digital exceed expectations every time. They save time for clients and develop the team’s skills to meet changing needs. Their team stays on schedule and takes responsibility for their process.”

    Edo Cohen

    President, Rival Games

    “Limestone Digital expanded the platform’s capabilities, enhancing both its data analysis and visualization features. Users can now track data in real-time. The team was receptive to feedback and communicated consistently throughout the engagement.”

    Jurij Koschelnik

    Head of R&D, VWMS GmbH

    “They’ve become part of our business, rather than a software team. Internal stakeholders report the software saves significant time. Limestone Digital has been responsive throughout, helping them deliver on time, and communicate proactively.”

    Mayer Dallal

    Managing Director, MBANC