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Case Study

Affiliate platform for Toco Warranty

Powered by Toco is an affiliate platform where Toco Warranty’s partners can register as affiliates and sell their warranties for auto repair coverage.

E-commerce / RetailCTO as a service
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Project overview

Project Duration:
August 2019 - Ongoing
Technology Stack
React, .NET

The concept of a referral program first came to be when Toco Warranty, a provider of vehicle service contracts for auto repair coverage, realized how beneficial that could be for their business. Limestone Digital team quickly accessed the idea and suggested creating an affiliate platform where the users (affiliates) can take ownership over and be proactive about the selling of warranties.



A challenge here was to create a system that would be able to communicate effectively with multiple third-party service providers. Considering the amount of data needed to be processed, it was particularly important to create a system that would be extremely resilient.



To tackle the challenges, the decision was made to focus on three main areas. First of all, the system needed a great variety of algorithms on the backend to create different scenarios and features. Secondly, it’s needed to create different user roles (customer, carrier, and admin) so that different users can have access to different platform features. And finally, for those features to function, the system needed a durable architecture.



Microservice system for greater stability

The frontend communicates with the API gateway. Which redirects requests to the necessary services. Each service that requires persistent storage has a separate database. Services communicate with each other using a message bus. Inside the system, detailed logging and query tracing is implemented. This data is analyzed for anomalies which allows responding to malfunctions in a timely manner.

Platforms features
Registration and verification
The affiliates submit contact info, tax documents (W9 form, tax ID), address, and after passing verification they can create their personal accounts.
Online quote creation
The online quote can be created and accessed via a QR code or a link. All statistics, related to customer engagement with the quote are displayed on a dashboard.
White label
The affiliates can create unique designs for their quotes and customize them with their own logos and brand colors.
What Toco say about us
They have just been phenomenal in not only accomplishing what we’ve set them up to accomplish but suggesting better courses for us to take that we might not even thought of on our own and that has been invaluable for us.
Chief Operating Officer, Toco Warranty
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