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GOIO Data — first in the market web platform for digitizing and data harmonization across all custodian banks.

Project duration:

February 2020 - ongoing

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Project overview

GOIO Data helps depository banks keep their customer data digitized and provides updated interbank information on security portfolios. Our client, a fintech company Fincite, was looking for the right partner to trust them in hiring software development professionals. The new members of GOIO’s augmented team were required to build additional data harmonization and aggregation features, including the processing of different types of data — from paper media to .pdf, .csv, and etc.

Team requirements

Within 8 weeks, we had to hire two Python developers, one JavaScript developer, one Automated Quality Control specialist, and Scrum master. Our main requirement was developers must have some previous experience with banking projects. It was also crucial that our candidates were proficient with Scrum.

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As far as recruiting most of the team was relatively easy, the main challenge we faced was finding a Python AQA developer within a very short time frame. This position is considered to be rather rare on the market. What made things slightly even more challenging that a candidate also had to fit additional criteria: previous experience with the banking industry.


Since finding the right Python AQA specialist that would match all the listed requirements seemed somewhat risky, we came up with an alternative solution. Rather than recruiting a Python AQA specialist, we suggested our client hire an experienced AQA specialist (without deep expertise in Python) and another Python developer that would act like a mentor. Since our client was eager to start the project as soon as possible, he was totally happy with the solution that we proposed.
Hiring time

Hiring time

8 weeks
Contract duration

Contract duration

51 months


Python / Django developer
JavaScript developer / React.js
Senior Python / Django developer
Senior AQA specialist
Project coordinator/Scrum master


As a result, we hired top-notch specialists who easily augmented our client’s in-house team for the GOIO Data project within the given time limit. The team was contracted for two years and made a valuable contribution. You can check down below what our client has to say about their experience with Limestone Digital.

What GOIO Data say about us


Overall experience of working with Limestone was really great: the thing that I like the most is that they are always thinking one step ahead. And I can tell that results are delivered very fast!


Grid Owner Solutions, Fincite / GOIO Data