Development of a Comprehensive Software System for Retail Pharmacy Business Needs

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  1. Compatibility of a Retail POS with internal ERP system
  2. Real-time access to pharmacy benefits (Rx)
  3. Compatibility of Pharmacy POS system with e-store software 
  4. Additional features for Pharmacy POS system
  5. Bottom Line list of functions for custom pharmacy retail software

It is a matter of fact that Pharmacy POS software allows for a more enjoyable and time-efficient transaction for both the patient and the employee. The better your system, the easier it is for you to scale up your business and run the company.

The obvious benefits of Pharmacy POS software is that it keeps accurate data of all prescriptions filled, allowing a pharmacist to easily access transaction records. Better accounting allows for better decision making which in turn leads to business grows and prosperity. 

For sure, there are caveats when we’re talking about such a competitive and over-regulated business as Pharmacy. We’re talking about an enormous listing, numerous integration with ERP, prescription systems, commercial health insurance plans and more.

In short, you can’t blindly buy and install a standard POS software. There is specific feature to look for and very busty pitfalls dedicated to your industry.

Software features that may need custom development 

Compatibility of a Retail POS with internal ERP system

It must be acknowledged that the main headache of pharmacy stores is the number of drags and the size of the product listing. Simple as that, you guys have too many products to account, too many naming, and too many different options for size, quantity, etc.

Here’s a shortlist of feature that your software should be equipped with:

– Patients Prescriptions & Reminders Management;

– Ability to Import Bills in AWACS, XLS, DBF, CSV file formats;

– Rach wise Stock Maintenance & Rach wise Stock Report;

– Expiry Product Boundation & Stock management;

– Near Expire Date Indication;

– Self Breakage items management;

– Quick Re-order template system.

Real-time access to pharmacy benefits (Rx)

Pharmacy benefits are a mystery for most of the players in the healthcare industry. When a doctor writes a prescription he\she usually don’t know if the drug is covered or how much it will cost for a patient. 

The only time anyone knows this information is when the pharmacy submits the claim. So when the patient goes to pick up the medication they can be hit with some unpleasant surprises.

That is why benefits verification, price transparency, and copay information across all government and commercial health insurance plans is a must if you’re operating in the U.S. or any E.U. country. 

Of course, such a feature is relatively pricey compared to simple transaction-processing software. We even think you’d better develop it as a separate module because it will need to communicate to numerous databases outside of its “jurisdiction”. Hopefully, we have extensive experience in the integration of databases and Big Data Projects.

Self-check app. In addition to the in-house software, you can develop an app that will allow your customers to verify prescriptions anytime. Such an app will help your customers to avoid unpleasant surprises (sticker shock). Yes, it may be pricey for you to develop, but the big plus of such a solution is that it will reveal formulary info and benefits verification before doctors will file prescriptions to your customer and you can pre-sell the medicine to customers even before they enter your store. 

Compatibility of Pharmacy POS system with e-store software 

If you operate a pharmacy chain and an e-store to process online orders it may be vital for you to integrate your POS-system with it. Online orders processing software and nearby store locator features will speed up visitor-to-customer turnaround. In addition, such features will enhance the convenience of your pharmacy and overall service quality.

Additional features for Pharmacy POS system

Signature database. If you’re a U.S. company, keep in mind that your pharmacy POS system needs to be equipped with signature capturing that keeps the patient’s signatures on file for comparison. This little option can potentially save you and your client a lot of time. Whether you sell the drugs that require pre-authorization requirements or if you’ll ever be stuck into any investigations or fraud scheme.

Of course, you’ll need to equip your hardware with electronic signature capturing in addition to the integrated credit card swiping.     

Remote processing. If you have wholesale pharmacy stores, it is a good idea to make a software that allows employees to process orders and transaction from any area of the sales floor.

Bottom Line

Summing up. We’ve prepared a short list of features you should look for in Pharmacy POS\ERP software.

  • Interfacing with multiple dispensing systems;
  • Dual dispensing;
  • Offline Delivery application;
  • Interface with Wholesalers;
  • HIPPA signature and Rx logs;
  • NPlex and methCheck Enterprise integration;
  • Custom reporting;
  • Mobile capabilities;
  • SIGIS eligible list;
  • General merchandising;
  • Integrated e-commerce;

Those are the most in-demand function for pharmacy software we’ve dealt with during our research and project qualification for our clients. We can make a dedicated plan and a software for your special needs too.

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