UI / UX design is there any difference?

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Recently, we announced the news that Head of UX /UI had joined us. Let’s see what it is and what is the difference.

The terms UI and UX are often heard among designers. However, even among experienced designers, there are people who either confuse these concepts or do not quite accurately represent their meaning, perceiving them as one, alas, they are wrong.

What is UX?

Simple abbreviation for User Experience.

In a broad sense, a UX designer should, without going beyond the stipulated technological platform and functionality, give the product, service or service features “user friendly”. In the field of IT-technologies, the task of the UX-designer is that by opening a website, application or program, the user can quickly and easily implement the algorithm of interaction with the product. Arguably, the goal of UX design is to make user-friendly use of the product.

And then UI is what?

UI stands for User Interface.

This concept means a communication system between a person and a product. If the UX-design defines the system and ways of interaction between the product and the user, then the task of the UI designer is to express UX-design solutions in a human-readable way.

So what is the difference?

If the UX designer determines how the console will work, the UI designer decides how it will look. Obviously, UX and UI are interrelated, but they are in a hierarchically structured structure. UI is an integral part of the UX.

The fact that the difference between the terms is significant is indicated by the fact that the most perfect system will not contribute to the improvement of the user experience if it has an unpleasant interface. On the other hand, the existence of minimalistic design confirms the importance of a good working out of the system of interaction in general.