Pros and cons of Django. Love IT or leave IT.


Pros and cons of Django. Love IT or leave IT.

Are you a developer? Then it is obvious that you need a better programming language. But determining the best language and tools is not an easy task. Have you heard about Django? Or, at least, are you acquainted with its pros and cons? Using this tool, it seems that everything falls into place very quickly and effectively.

Why Django?

When you have a specific idea, transform it into a programming language and give it a real form using Django it takes only a few minutes. The fact that Django is freely available makes it possible to significantly simplify the process of web development, since the developer can focus on the design process and the development of the application’s functionality. Thus, Django is the ideal tool for start-ups, when web design should reflect the concept and goals of the company.

Django in the spotlight

Django appeared in 2005, and gradually it became one of the best frameworks that helped and helps thousands of developers to do this or that job in a few minutes. Initially, Django was a framework for the Python language, with excellent functionality, Django noticeably simplified a number of difficulties in the development of web applications, giving this work a more simplified approach.

Python advantage

It is well known that Python is one of the most used programming languages ​​due to its simplicity in learning, design and flexibility, which makes it an almost perfect programming language. There are a number of reasons why it can be called such loud words:

  • Easy to learn
  • Clean and readable
  • Versatility
  • Speed ​​of writing
  • One-piece design

However, Python works on its own philosophy, called “Zen Python”. This philosophy gives him a unique form, which has no analogues in other programming languages. Based on these principles, developers can create code of the highest grade.

Pros of Django

We’ve already praised Python and its advantage, so let’s focus on the advantages of Django, which is not only a quick solution in web development, including everything needed for quality code and transparent writing, but also an excellent platform for working with the clientele of a particular business , as well as developers.

  • Speed: Django was designed to help developers create an application as quickly as possible. This includes the
    formation of ideas, the development and release of the project, where Django saves time and resources at each of
    these stages. Thus, it can be called the ideal solution for developers for whom the question of deadline is in
  • Full featured: Django works with dozens of additional features that significantly help with user
    authentication, site maps, content administration, RSS and many others. These aspects help to implement each
    stage of web development.
  • Security: By working in Django, you get protection from security-related errors and jeopardize the project. I
    mean such common mistakes as SQL injections, cross-site forgery, clickjacking and cross-site scripting. To
    effectively use logins and passwords, the user authentication system is the key.
  • Scalability: The Django framework is best suited for working with the highest traffic. Therefore, it is logical
    that a large number of downloaded sites use Django to meet traffic-related requirements.
  • Versatility: content management, scientific computing platforms, even large organizations – with all this can
    be effectively managed with the help of Django.

Cons of Django

The minuses always go for the hand with the pluses. Let’s look at why Django can not be called flawless:

  • Using a Routing Template with a URL;
  • Django too monolithic;
  • Everything is based on the Django ORM;
  • Components are deployed together;
  • Need to be able to master the entire system for work.


There are a lot of pros and cons of Django not mentioned in this article, however, when you are considering a project with deadline, using Django to solve the task is a competent solution. Moreover, to speed up the workflow, it is possible to install a custom configuration. Earlier, when code development required a lot of time, such an opportunity made it possible to significantly simplify this process. Our team specialize in Django, so let us implement your requirements.